Chapter 13: Secret Vault

I teleport out to the carriage I used since I’m not in any hurry. The carriage, to be honest, was so unconfortable since it rocks too much. I guess I’m gonna have to remodel my personal carriage. We reached the mansion by noon. When I entered, Xue was waiting for me. “Welcome home, master.” “I’m […]

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Chapter 12: Investigation

When I woke up in the morning, three maids are in my room. I was still sleepy. They helped me stand and for some reason, it’s becoming cold. Ah. They’re changing my clothes. What? Huh?! They were about to remove my underwear. “Wha- What are you doing?!” “We are undressing you, master. We will also […]

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Chapter 11: Sudden Engaement

Once again, the hall became noisy and nobles began to shout their dissatisfaction. “Silence! This is my decision as the king and as a father. On the day Duke Edelstein turns 16, he shall be wed to my daughter, first princess of Feloxia kingdom, Christine Sistie Feloxia” I was just looking at the king, dumbfounded, […]

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Chapter 1: Christie’s Descent

Christie Eyre is a hero born from the intermingling of the two most prominent families in Dyrga, the planet that was once ruled by a demon lord and a goddess. She defeated the Demon Lord who wanted to dominate the realm. This cruel Demon Lord lost and died. Christie, the one who killed him, miraculously […]

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Chapter 10: Rewards

Azura and the two millennial dragons regained their consciousness. I, once again, talked to them about the contract and upon hearing that I defeated Azura, the other two dragons also agreed. “Then, shall we begin?” I said. “Yes.” “Of course.” “Go ahead.” The three dragons consented. Three large magic circles appeared beneath each of them […]

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Chapter 9: Ice Dragon Queen, Azura

She was stunned by my demand. “What do you mean?” “While I was fighting you three, I have decided to establish a contract with you three.” “A contract is it? A master-and-subordinate contract?” “Exactly.” “Hahahahaha! To treat me as a mere subordinate! You say some amusing things kid! But yes, with your magic power, that’s […]

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Chapter 8: Dragon Invasion

After getting permission to participate, I was given temporary command over the army. I went out of the audience chamber and teleport on top of the wall. The dragons are still about 20 kilometers away but at their pace, they’ll reach the city by dawn. Well, it’s still the middle of the night so I […]

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